Sampling Support for Exporting Dairies in Northern Europe

Sampling support exporting dairies

QualiTru is proud to partner with S.K.S. in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to support the international dairy industry. S.K.S. is a proven leader in stainless steel piping manufacturing and process components, with plenty of dairy industry expertise and experience.

Why is such a partnership important to the future of international dairy? First, some statistical information.

The European Union-25 (EU-25) annually exports a total of €21 billion in dairy products, while Oceania, which includes Australia and the wider geographical continent, exports €3.8 billion and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is responsible for €1.1 billion (WUR, 2009). This is only export data and not total production, but it does show the strength that Europe holds as a global dairy stakeholder.

This is especially true for many Northern European countries from the Netherlands producing 9.2%, Belgium with 6.1%, and Germany at 10.4% of total international dairy exports (Workman, 2019). This strong presence holds a lot of responsibility when shelf life is extended, and food safety risks are elevated.

So, what does this have to do with sampling and this newly forged partnership? A lot.

Sampling is an indispensable tool for gathering data on the process and product. Plant and Quality Managers need to be confident in their process. QualiTru works with more and more dairies needing robust sampling plans to meet the demands from their international customers. This is especially the case with Asian customers seeking the highest quality products from a competitive industry.

Dutch traffic jam

A Dutch traffic jam

Having the in-process data builds transparency between the Quality team and the auditing party. More importantly, Quality teams need to have accurate data for verification. In many cases it can be a tool to trend operations to show improvements.

SKS exporting dairies

The S.K.S. Team

This is where the partnership between QualiTru and S.K.S. comes into play. S.K.S. can help develop sampling plans and facilitate logistics. Due to their experience and knowledge of all current requirements and guidelines, S.K.S. does not solely act as a supplier, but also as an advisor. Their in-house engineering department can offer tailor-made solutions and provide dairies with technical support.

Check out their website to learn more:
S.K.S. Process Components


Anne Bigalke
By Anne Bigalke
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