The Secret Sauce to Strong Partnerships

Secret sauce strong partnerships QualiTru team

In personal and professional life, picking the right long-term partner is no easy task. On the personal side, before marrying my husband last summer, about half of our relationship had been a long distance one. During that time, I received a lot of sympathy from those who didn’t understand how lucky I felt to have a partner that I trusted and respected to support me in pursuing my ambitions to complete my MBA and reconnect with family.

These same values of trust and respect are the foundation of our business. I have learned over the years that those values are the secret to building strong partnerships.

Growing up in a family business, I have seen firsthand how trust and respect for people in the business directly translates to outside collaboration. Our company strongly believes that the integrity of aseptic sampling and data accuracy supports farmers and Quality Managers to produce safe and delicious dairy products. Providing a highly regulated and technical sampling process while building partners in academia or distribution depends on more than logistics: it relies on strong mutual trust and respect.

We have distribution partners who have successfully expanded our scope for sampling to situations where their unique connections and knowledge were needed. One partner consults dairy plants in proactively managing contamination by establishing CIP procedures with strategic sampling points. Another partner stayed awake for 24 hours to take hourly samples in order to accurately identify contamination on a farm. Still another partner tapped into a new industry by introducing aseptic sampling to monitor liquid egg processing equipment for pathogens. All of these partners verified aseptic sampling credibility and used their expertise to solve real challenges.

Today expanding our business by working with new partners, we can learn from our long-held relationships to foresee how solutions are delivered to new farmers or Quality Managers.

I recently visited our new distributor in Denmark, Fooddes. This team has the technical expertise to advise dairies on good hygiene and food safety practices. More importantly, the team closely works together with their customers to solve challenges or foresee risks. Their integrity is evident, both in the office and the collaborative manner in which they work with partners.

The secret recipe to the sauce of strong partnerships is quite simple. It starts with products and processes that can be trusted. It continues with partners who understand the importance of building relationships while solving problems. Mutual trust and respect create win-win scenarios.

Anne Bigalke
By Anne Bigalke
VP of International Markets, QualiTru Sampling Systems   Follow Anne on LinkedIn