QualiTru Sampling Systems

March Madness Sale!*


Receive a FREE case of septa with the purchase of a stainless steel port, a case of bags, a peristaltic pump, and a pump enclosure.

Are you trying to solve a sampling issue or looking to improve efficiencies to gain a competitive advantage and increase payment?

Farmers and veterinarians regularly use QualiTru systems to collect representative composite samples for milk quality and bonus payments, regulatory purposes, herd health management, and to isolate contamination within the milking process. The QualiTru String Sampling Bundle is ideal for:

  • Direct load sampling;**
  • Combining string sampling with robotics for better outcomes;
  • Troubleshooting contamination sources;
  • String sampling to manage mastitis and monitor herd health;
  • Improving efficiencies to maximize payment;
  • …and much more
* Offer available to new customers only. Offer expires on March 31, 2022.
** Consult your regulatory agency for PMO requirements for direct load sampling.

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String Sampling Bundle