Gwen Raddatz

Q&A with Gwen

Gwen Raddatz is the Customer Service Specialist at QualiTru Sampling Systems. She started her career with QualiTru more than 30 years ago. Gwen is involved in a wide range of activities such as Project Management, Accounts Receivable, Client Retention, Workflow Improvement activities and is part of our Social Media team. 

What is your favorite quote?
“The greatest source of happiness is the ability to be grateful at all times.” – Zig Zigler

How did you end up working at QualiTru?
I started working for QualiTru (then called QMI) as a product assembler in 1987 while in high school. I became a full-time office employee in 1991.

What was your favorite subject in school?

How do you define success?
Doing work that is meaningful, both in my personal life as well as my professional life.  Success is waking up every morning knowing that I make a difference doing what I love! 

What’s one of the favorite parts of your job?
I love working with our customers on a daily basis – identifying and anticipating their needs and delivering on our promise of great products and great customer service. Every time!

What are the top 3 places you have visited?
England, Hawaii, Belgium.