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2022 ADPI Webinar

Environmental Sampling: Is it Enough?

American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI) hosted a webinar featuring QualiTru’s VP of Strategic Development, Anne Bigalke, and ADPI’s Center of Excellence member,  Marianne Smukowski.

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2022 ADPI Webinar: Environmental Sampling: Is it Enough?

Environmental sampling has gained increased awareness with the rollout of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). But what does that data really tell us? Does it mean your product is contaminated?

“Environmental Sampling: Is it Enough?” focuses on the data collected inline and how that data shapes food safety decisions. If you cannot measure it accurately, you cannot control it. Most importantly, this webinar will help answer how you can act on the critical data collected. 

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You’ll learn about:

Speaker: Marianne Smukowski, Marianne Smukowski Consulting LLC and ADPI Center of Excellence member

  • What is environmental monitoring?
  • Biological hazard sources and potential controls.
  • Why are more recalls occurring?
  • Indicator organisms to look for in addition to performing environmental sampling.
  • …and more!
  • Speaker: Anne Bigalke, Vice President of Strategic Development, QualiTru
  • Process monitoring bacterial risks
  • Inline contamination case studies
  • Practical tools to identify risks
  • Manage in-process & environmental data
  • …and more

About QualiTru

Since 1983, QualiTru Sampling Systems (formerly known as QMI) has been the pioneering leader in the science of aseptic and representative sampling. The company is widely recognized for its expertise and commitment to building awareness of aseptic sampling as a critical means of ensuring consumer health and food safety. For over three decades, QualiTru has been helping the dairy and liquid food industries produce safe, quality products through innovative sampling technologies that are easy-to-use, versatile, and cost-effective.

QualiTru has built a strong and trusted reputation for expertise, quality, education, and training over the past 40 years.

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