Sampling Bags with Needle

The TruStream oxygen-permeable collection bag provides a sterile fluid path and is equipped with a needle and tubing and works with all TruStream septa. The sterile collection unit extends aseptic sampling, while the oxygen permeability allows for the incubation of the product. The TruStream sterile collection bags come in a variety of sizes and configurations for any sampling need. 

  • Collection-Bags_2

    TruStream 250ml/18g

    Part No. 111450
  • Collection-Bags_2

    TruStream 2L/18g

    Part No. 111730
  • Collection Bags

    TruStream 2L/22g

    Part No. 111740
  • QualiTru Sampling Systems

    TruMotion 2L/18g w/2.0mm Tubing

    Part No. 111750
  • QualiTru Sampling Systems

    TruMotion 2L/18g w/3.2mm Tubing

    Part No. 111770
  • Collection-Bags_2

    TruStream 7L/18g

    Part No. 111930