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2021 European Dairy Quality Conference (EDQC) Webinar

Day One of the 2021 EDQC Webinar feature the presentations by industry leaders and experts, Anne Bigalke and Jack van der Sanden.

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2021 European Dairy Quality Conference Webinar


QualiTru is proud to share Jack and Anne’s presentations from Day One of the 2021 EDQC Webinar. These on-demand webinars provide solutions to identifying gaps in your sampling data and review the steps in your sampling to testing process to improve current controls.

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You’ll learn about:

Safe and High Quality Future of Dairy: Is Technology Blinding Us?
Speaker: Anne Bigalke, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, QualiTru

  • Why monitor your process
  • Sampling considerations
  • Operational efficiencies and cost savings
  • …and much more

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In The Result We Trust!?
Speaker : Jack van der Sanden, Senior Food Safety Advisor, bioMérieux

  • The importance of the human factor in sampling and testing
  • The Diagnostic Chain from sampling plan to results
  • How a robust verification process provides valuable feedback
  • …and much more

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