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Monitoring Microbial Contaminations ON-DEMAND WEBINAR

A part of 3-A virtual education program

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2022 ADPI Webinar

Monitoring Microbial Contamination

3-a certification

Watch this free on-demand webinar as part of the virtual education program from 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc., presented by Darrell Bigalke, FOunder and Owner of QualiTru Sampling Systems.

You’ll learn about:

  • Why Cleaning and Sanitizing Aren’t Enough
  • Environmental Sources of Contamination
  • Monitoring Microbial Contamination (MC) of Dairy Products
  • Psychrotrophic Spoilage In Pasteurized Milk
  • Bacterial Hazards to Control in the Production of Safe Dairy Products
  • Recommended Laboratory Methods for the Fluid Milk Industry
  • …and much more

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