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If you cannot measure contamination accurately, you cannot control it!

Achieving accuracy in sampling and testing is crucial for controlling contamination; aseptic inline sampling is critical in ensuring this accuracy. Based on the latest Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommendations, using the right combination of environmental and process monitoring is essential to help ensure farmers and processors collect accurate, representative data to mitigate risks and make corrections and improvements when needed.

QualiTru’s TruDraw Sterile Single Sampler is a reliable solution for collecting small aseptic samples. It significantly reduces the risks of inaccurate and unreliable test results and meets regulatory requirements for aseptic sample collection. With QualiTru’s TruDraw Sterile, you can confidently collect small, aseptic samples, ensuring the highest level of quality control in your processes.

TruDraw Sterile Single Sampler Benefits

  • Elastomeric membrane instantaneously seals when the cap is removed for leakproof sampling.
  • Virtually eliminates the risk of external contaminant exposure, helping ensure sampling accuracy.
  • Tamper-evident cap helps ensure a controlled chain of custody at the start of the process.
  • Improves operation efficiency by reducing the need to transfer samples and minimizes waste.
  • Meets bacterial Appendix J requirements for  Grade “A” PMO.
  • Meets NCIMS and Appendix N Grade “A” PMO test method requirements for collecting antibiotic residue at milk plants, receiving stations, or transfer stations.
  • Compatible with Fossomatic™ and MilkoScan™ analytical testing equipment.

Who is QualiTru?

Launched in 1983 by Darrell Bigalke, QualiTru Sampling Systems (formerly QMI) started with a single product (now called the QualiTru TruStream Septum). Designed for samples to be drawn a single time from each sterilized channel, the high-quality, food-grade quality septum dramatically reduces the risk of sample contamination.

In 1985, when serious outbreaks of dairy-related foodborne illnesses caused by Salmonella and Listeria sickened thousands of people in the U.S., Bigalke played a central role in helping shape the establishment and adoption of the new sampling standards in the dairy industry. Bigalke, the dairy industry, and key regulatory bodies all shared the same goal: to initiate process monitoring measures to reduce the chances of future foodborne illness outbreaks in the dairy industry.

Today, QualiTru Sampling Systems offers a full line of advanced, cost-effective, and easy-to-use systems that enable the dairy and liquid foods industries to perform inline aseptic process sampling to help ensure that their microbial testing is based on accurate sampling. QualiTru Sampling Systems has an unparalleled network of subject matter experts (SMEs) in the dairy and liquid food industries, enabling the company to provide quality in-house expertise for customer training and consultations.

From one man’s singular vision and commitment to apply science to stop foodborne illness tragedies, QualiTru Sampling Systems has grown into a worldwide company trusted to provide accurate and representative samples to the dairy and liquid food industries, helping them meet their needs for product quality and safety, public health, and business goals.  

As we like to say at QualiTru:

Your Test Result Is Only as Accurate as Your Sample!

Why Partner with QualiTru?

QualiTru understands the liquid sampling challenges of our customers. QualiTru sampling systems provide fast, simple, safe, and accurate samples for bacterial and chemical quality analysis. Our systems help identify in-process microbial risks from issues such as biofilms, cracks, pinholes, and other potential contaminants, helping to ensure optimal sampling throughout your production process while reinforcing the safety and quality of your products.

Our unique four-part configurations can be customized to perform representative sampling, whether inline from the milking parlor to truck transport, from raw and pasteurized storage silos, and throughout commercial dairy and liquid food processing operations. This allows these industries to have accurate microbiological and chemical data from beginning to end, building transparency and confidence in product quality.

QualiTru’s sampling solutions have proven themselves for over four decades, with installations across 30+ countries. Our products comply with the 3‐A Standard 63‐04 (Sanitary Fittings) and are authorized to display the industry standard 3-A symbol.

QualiTru Sampling Systems’ regulatory approvals include:

  • FDA M‐I‐06‐12 Needle Only Method
  • FDA M‐I‐08‐5 Milk Tank Trucks
  • FDA M‐I‐06‐6 Direct Load
  • EC1935 compliant
  • FDA M‐I‐12‐4 Universal Dairy Farm Samples
  • FDA M-I-16-17 Appendix N Samples

In addition, as part of QualiTru’s focus on continuous improvement for exceptional customer satisfaction, we are proud to have earned ISO 9001:2015 certification for our services for the liquid food industry.

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