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Aseptic, Representative, and Hygienic Sampling Solutions

QualiTru understands your liquid sampling challenges. Our aseptic and representative sampling solutions for the Dairy and Liquid Food industries are easy to use, versatile and cost-effective. QualiTru’s sampling solutions have proven themselves in installations worldwide since 1983. Our combination of aseptic and representative sampling is unique in the industry.

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Sampling for dairy farms

Elevated Preliminary Incubation (PI) counts and Coliforms in raw milk on robot farms

Type of Sampling
Type of Testing



Nutrition Management/Feed Ration Check

Type of Sampling
Type of Testing

Protein, Butterfat & other solids


Unreliable payment sampling (on or off tanker trucks)

Unreliable raw milk quality data

Type of Testing

Protein, Butterfat & Other Solids

A Complete Line of Sanitary and Sterile Sampling Products and Accessories

Our Sampling System is Easy as 1-2-3-4

TS7 Inline Port (with VARIVENT® Connection)
Stainless Steel Ports
Septum – QualiTru
Sterile Collection Units-QualiTru
QualiTru Products 4 - Pumps

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Monitoring Microbial Contamination

Advancing the Science of Aseptic and Representative Sampling and Educating the Markets We Serve

QualiTru has built a strong reputation for expertise, quality, education, and training over the past 30+ years.

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University of Minnesota Honors QualiTru Founder Darrell Bigalke with Food Safety and Food Quality Science Award in His Name

Darrell Bigalke, the founder of QualiTru Sampling Systems and a dairy microbiologist and entrepreneur who has dedicated four decades to ensuring food safety through the revolutionary development of inline aseptic sampling systems for the dairy and liquid food industries, has been honored with the Darrell Bigalke Food Safety & Food Quality Award.

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Sanitation Verification Using Aseptic Sampling