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QQualiTru Systems for Dairy FarmsualiTru systems provide high value solutions for dairy farms to access their fluid raw milk product while in production. Farmers and veterinarians routinely use QualiTru systems to collect “representative” composite samples for milk quality and bonus payments, regulatory purposes, herd health management, and to isolate contamination within the milking process.

According to the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO), “It shall be the responsibility of the bulk milk hauler/sampler to collect a representative sample of milk from each bulk milk tank and/or silo or from a properly installed and operated in-line sampler or aseptic sampler, that is approved for use by the NCIMS Conference, State Regulatory Agency and FDA to collect representative samples, prior to transferring milk utilizing an aseptic sampler from a farm bulk milk tank and/or silo truck or other container.”

QualiTru has a solution for you, for all types of tanks and silos. Our solutions were demonstrated over many years of rigorous testing under many types of conditions. The large amount of data from these studies was accepted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS) Laboratory Committee, and then were presented to and accepted by the NCIMS Executive Board.

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QualiTru systems are ideal for:

  • Direct Load – The best continuous flow sampler for an accurate representative sample of the entire volume of milk.
  • Vertical/Horizontal Milk Tanks – Provides aseptic access to fluid raw milk product without requiring the opening of manway doors.
  • Bulk/Silo Tanks – Allows for the collection of universal samples without having to agitate tanks and while milk hauler remains safely on the ground.
  • Veterinarians – An accurate system for isolation of contamination and for monitoring milk quality and overall herd health.

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