Representative Milk Sampling Solutions for Dairy Farms

Dairy farmers need to take raw milk samples to ensure they meet certain regulatory standards. Farmers and veterinarians regularly use QualiTru sampling systems to collect “representative” composite milk samples for quality and bonus payments, regulatory purposes, herd health management, and to isolate contamination within the milking process. 

When it comes to milk sampling, QualiTru’s representative sampling solutions solve four critical problems faced by dairy farms — maintaining milk quality, contamination issues, managing mastitis, and maximizing payment. With the QualiTru sampling system, you get end-to-end process control solutions that are easy to use, cost-effective, and provide high value while reducing your risks. 

Your challenges:

  • Maintaining milk quality
  • Contamination and Verification of Biofilms
  • Contagious mastitis
  • Maximizing payment

Our applications:

  • Quality (Silo sampling & herd nutrition)
  • Hygiene
  • Mastitis (Herd health)
  • Payment (True representative sampling)

4 applications to meet your representative sampling needs


Feed Ration Verification Checks

  • Correlate feed rations to milk quality
  • Measure butterfat, protein and other components to ensure a quality product for your buyer


Contamination & Biofilm Detection

  • Identify contamination early with
    sample sites in key locations
  • Proactive testing will save time, lower tear-down costs and reduce disrupted production schedules


String Sampling

  • Catch mastitis while it is still subclinical
  • Use as a diagnostic tool to complement
    your farm Quality System
  • Monitor pen somatic cell count
  • Facilitate the identification of mastitis-causing pathogens


Representative Sample via Outlet Valve

  • Obtain a true representative sample without the need for agitation
  • Decreases human errors
  • System is simple and easy to use

4 components for end-to-end process control

Stainless Steel Ports
Sample collection

QualiTru’s representative sampling system and the PMO

QualiTru’s representative sampling system is approved for use by the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO). See Regulatory Approvals.

Why is this important? According to the PMO…

“It shall be the responsibility of the bulk milk hauler/sampler to collect a representative sample of milk from each bulk milk tank and/or silo or from a properly installed and operated in-line sampler or aseptic sampler, that is approved for use by the NCIMS Conference, State Regulatory Agency and FDA to collect representative samples, prior to transferring milk utilizing an aseptic sampler from a farm bulk milk tank and/or silo truck or other container.”

Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO)

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