Finished product sampling provides a global overview of the production but is of very limited interest for root cause analysis in case of deviation. This is where inline sampling is needed, to track the deviation at its source. As one needs to be intrusive in an often closed process, it is paramount to perform aseptic sampling: protecting both the factory sample for further analysis and the production process. Not all available solutions are fit for purpose. Choose wisely how you want to do this.
QualiTru Sampling Systems products gave us an internal confidence in verifying that our filtering system meets our aseptic targets. Plus, it satisfied our local government agencies with our processing parameters. We can see a benefit to expanding the use of QualiTru septa to many more areas within our plant for use in a wider range of temperatures for ease of use and complete plant standardization.
- One of the largest fluid milk plants in Western Canada
We have been working with QualiTru Sampling System for years to take samples in fluid milk. This allowed us to have better control in the production line using seven sample points from raw milk, pasteurized milk, and UF milk. Today we are getting reliable results every day for our goal of safe products.
- Argentinian Dairy Processor
As a biotechnology company with our roots firmly planted in fermentation, we are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve our processes and product quality. When we found QualiTru products, we hit a home run with quality products and wonderful customer service.
- Quality Manager
BIO-CAT Microbials
Having an aseptic sampling process, our team can be confident that our test results are accurate to our product. We rely on QualiTru sampling ports throughout our process to gain better control of product quality on the front end. Not only do we have better control, but we save money from our previous style of sampling valve when we release the product before collecting.
- Microbiologist
Infant Formula Manufacturer in the Netherlands
Having worked in the dairy and beverage industry for over ten years, I rely on QualiTru Sampling System products to stay out of trouble in my plant. Having accurate data is everything for making good decisions and having a handle on my operations. With over thirty sample points throughout my process, I can monitor my process and be confident in my product. End of the day, no news is good news and having reliable data protects my company and ensures our product is safe for my family.
- Quality Control Manager
One of the largest fluid milk plants in North America
We have been using the QualiTru inline sampler with the peristaltic pump for about three years now in direct loading of milk. We find that it has been easy to use and provides consistency in our lab results.
- Brian Robbins
North Harbor Dairy Sackets Harbor, NY
The QualiTru inline sampling system with the peristaltic pump is the only aseptic sampling system on the market. It provides accurate and consistent results. The system is very simple to install, maintain and operate. It is in use at several large farms for their direct loading operations and has been in use for over six years on some of those.
- Mark J Shelmidine
Senior Field Representative
Milk Quality Specialist
Dairy Farmers of America-Northeast Area
I have used the QualiTru Aseptic Sampling System in the plants where I was Quality Control Director, on dairy farm operations when I was Director of Technical and Laboratory Services for a cooperative and the lead Dairy Farm Quality Control troubleshooter. I would use it to take string or group samples of cows at the farm, on Direct Load operations where farms loaded milk directly into milk tankers and sampling incoming milk tankers using the QualiTru side samplers for obtaining an Appendix N sample for testing in a plant receiving bay. One of the newest applications is taking a composite sample as the milk tanker was being unloaded at the plant. This sample was used for component testing as well as bacteria testing with the ability to check the milk for spore formers that can reduce shelf life of the milk. I strongly recommend you try the QualiTru Aseptic Sampling System for your sampling needs. No matter your location, from farm to tanker to plant to package, you will not be disappointed!
- Tom Angstadt
Retired: Director of Technical and Laboratory Services for Dairylea Cooperative
We have been loyal customers of QualiTru for more than ten years. We have never had a negative experience with the quality of their products or service. Their turn-around time with us has been 24-hours, which is exemplary. We truly value vendors who are as responsive to our inquiries as we are to those of our customers’. Their great customer service allows us in turn to perform to the level to which we aspire.
- Marilyn Walden
Tri-Canada Industries
The QualiTru System became the answer to two of our most perplexing aseptic sampling questions during critical stages of our process. Its application has been critical to process improvements that have drastically cut plant losses over the last few years.
- Mitch Schueler
Director of Manufacturing Epitopix
Throughout the nine months of testing with the QualiTru System, we found it to be extremely accurate, helpful and easy to use. To be able to have this equipment on farms, especially the larger ones, is a great improvement to our current procedures for picking up milk. I see where this process would be a great time saver for us as haulers and benefit the producer with the accuracy of the samples. I’m very glad to hear it has been approved for use and look forward to it being implemented. Thank you for allowing us to participate in a project that will definitely help move our industry forward.
- Barney McConnell
Manager Al-Nye Trucking
When using the QualiTru System, we found that it was quick and easy to use. Samples were collected while pumping which insures a better reading of all milk in a tank, not just a smaller portion. Mount Joy feels the QualiTru System could give better and more accurate results than conventional sampling methods due to the way the sample is collected.
- Gib Martin
Manager Mount Joy Cooperative
We direct load 300,000 pounds of milk daily and have not had failures of the QualiTru equipment. The results of the testing have been extremely accurate and dependable.
- David Peck
Marks Farms