Proven aseptic access for the biotech and nutraceutical industries.

12-Port-End-Cap - Biotech Testing Systems 1

QualiTru’s System is easy to use and is a reliable method for monitoring, testing, inoculating and adding materials to processing and fermentation tanks, as well as fluid transfer lines. This proven method limits the risk of cross-contamination and costly false-positive readings. The QualiTru System is easily installed and its low profile design and positive sealing of surfaces make in-place sanitation and sterilization easy and uncomplicated. Available in both 7 and 12 port configurations, the single-track needle channels reduce the risk of cross-contamination due to multiple samplings from a single channel.  Aseptic septas come sterilized by ethylene oxide.  They are heat stable up to 250ºF and pressure stable to 150psi.

The QualiTru systems are ideal for use in:

  • Bioengineering facilities
  • Research facilities
  • Pharmaceutical facilities

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