Published Aseptic Fluid Transfer Articles

In-Line Fluid Sampling Without Contamination
Food Quality magazine, Sept./Oct., 2002
Marc G. von Keitz, Ph.D.

The Art of Managing Contamination (prevention of microbial contamination)
Pharmaceutical Processing – January 1, 2000
Jeffrey L. Tate, Ph.D.

Managing Quality Through Use of Aseptic Transfer and Inoculations Systems
Genetic Engineering News Vol. 16, No. 16, September 15, 1996
Rulon A. Chappell, Ph.D.

Effective Aseptic Material Transfer = Less Quality Failures
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Review, March, 1996
Darrell L. Bigalke, M.S.

Strategy For Defense Against Post-Pasteurization Contamination
Dairy Field magazine, Vol. _, p. 41, cir. 1985
Darrell L. Bigalke, M.S.

Microbial Monitoring Reference Materials

Dairy Quality Seminar (Tuition Free: Compliments of QualiTru®): Microbial Spoilage of Market Milk: Post-Pasteurization Contamination, or Heat-Resistant Psychrotrophic Bacteria
Unpublished Seminar Course Outline, November 1, 2007
Darrell L. Bigalke, M.S.

Dairy Farms: Effective Line & Tank Sampling
Unpublished Seminar Slide Presentation, January 23, 2004
Darrell L. Bigalke, M.S.

Dairy Farms: Installation Instructions QualiTru Line & Tank Sampling
Unpublished Seminar Slide Presentation, January 23, 2004
Darrell L. Bigalke, M.S.

Raw Milk Sampling Update
Unpublished Seminar Slide Presentation, April 17, 2006
Darrell L. Bigalke, M.S.

Monitoring Microbial Contamination of Dairy Products
Unpublished Seminar Slide Presentation, November 23, 2007
Darrell L. Bigalke, M.S.

Heat Resistant Psychrotrophs (HRP) and Their Effect on Market Milk Quality
Unpublished Seminar Slide Presentation, July 1, 2011
Darrell L. Bigalke, M.S.

Herd Health Articles

String Samples Can Help Manage Feed Costs
Hoard’s Dairyman Magazine, March 2021
Steve Martin, founder of DNMCmilk

Collections from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Improve the Sampling Process – Think SHACP
Unpublished Collection of Blog Posts, September 2020
Author: Jack van der Sanden

Articles from Around the World

Key to Managing Milk Quality and Improving Reliability – Sampling Management
Dairy Japan Magazine, November 2020

A New Method of Milk Sampling – Case Studies from Japan
Dairy Japan Magazine, March 2021

Solutions Looking Ahead – Improving Management Through Regular Sampling
Dairy Japan Magazine, April 2021

Inline Sampling for Mastitis Management
Dairy Japan Magazine, August 2021

New Innovative System for Aseptic Sampling
Denmark: Fooddes Magazine, December 2020
Author: Klaus Hansen, Food Engineer and Food Journalist

Innovative Sterile Sampling Method – QualiTru System
Poland:, February 17, 2021
Author: AUSPOL