Aseptic and Representative Sampling System for Milk Tanker Trucks

A revolutionary new sampling system for milk tanker trucks that’s safer, more accurate, cost effective and easier to use

Today’s larger tanker trucks, along with the direct loading of milk onto the tanker trucks, have created challenges in obtaining an accurate and representative sample.

Value proposition:

  • Aseptic
  • Representative
  • Ease of Use
  • Versatile
  • Support

Problems we solve:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Raw product quality verification (payment)
  • Product contamination
  • Load rejections
  • Risk of work injuries

QualiTru’s applications and solutions:

  • Controlled Access: Limits access to milk load to prevent tampering
  • Product Quality: Reduces the risk of false positive results and load rejections
  • Aseptic Sample Collection: Reduces the chance of product contamination from bacterial, chemical, or environmental contaminants
  • Representative Sample Collection: Verifies raw product for payment sampling and bacterial measurements
  • Side-truck sampling: Accurate and representative milk sampling while allowing drivers to remain safely on the ground
  • Operation Efficiency: Reduces unloading congestion by allowing samples from the ground for Appendix N antibiotic testing prior to entering receiving bay

Problems with traditional sampling methods for milk tanker trucks

Dipper for milk samplingThe most common way of sampling raw milk in tanker trucks is using the “dipper.” This method hasn’t changed over the years despite its many shortcomings.

  • Milk that has been in the truck for more than 3 hours will stratify even if the truck is moving, making it almost impossible to obtain an accurate sample when the truck arrives at the plant
  • Studies by dairy processors have shown that the butterfat and Somatic Cell Counts (SCC) may be as much as 25% higher in a dip sample collected from the top than a syringe sample from the side or the bottom of the tanker truck
  • Higher incidences of on-the-job injuries from drivers climbing on top of the tanker, especially during inclement weather

“If dippers are not properly maintained and sanitized before each location’s use, you can easily taint a sample or even worse literally contaminate the entire production.”

(Lindsey Dimond, Idaho Manager of Member Services for Dairy Farmers of America – American Dairymen).

The future is here—Revolutionary new aseptic and representative sampling system for milk tanker trucks

Out with the old, in with the new—QualiTru’s revolutionary new aseptic and representative sampling system for tanker trucks is a cost-effective solution that’s more accurate, simpler to use, and safer because the driver remains on the ground.

QualiTru's sampling system for milk tanker trucks

With our total commitment to science for ensuring milk quality, we have turned an unreliable process into one that consistently delivers a truly aseptic and representative sampling system for milk tanker trucks.

The QualiTru advantage

Our sampling method from the side or rear of a locked compartment on a milk tanker truck has several advantages.

  • Allows for a more accurate and representative sample
  • The sample is also collected aseptically, which reduces the chance of milk contamination by bacterial, chemical, or environmental contaminants
  • Helps the industry comply with the Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act by controlling access to the milk load
  • It helps with receiving bay efficiency by allowing samples to be taken before trucks enter the receiving bay, thus reducing congestion and delay in milk unloading
  • Improves sampling safety by allowing samples to be taken from the ground, eliminating the dangerous climb to the top of the milk tanker truck
  • Reduces the risk of costly false-positive results and unnecessary load rejections typical of conventional sampling methods
  • Publication of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) memo IMS-a-46, Actions of the 2007 NCIMS, authorizes the use of the QualiTru Aseptic Sampling System for sampling milk tanker trucks and is included in Section 6 and Appendix N of the Grade “A” Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO). See Regulatory Approvals

“We have found the QualiTru (Formerly QMI) Aseptic Sampling method to be a safe, convenient, accurate and economical method of sampling milk tanker trucks. The QualiTru system is exactly what this industry needs to sample without having to open the top hatch of the milk tanker.”

(Bob Gilchrist, a well-respected food and milk transportation consultant and former Manager of Transportation with AgriMark)

Easy to use sampling system for milk tanker trucks

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