TEGAM Model 931B Industrial Data Thermometer

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931B probe and meter sold separately

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The TEGAM Model 931B handheld digital thermometer, along with a Qualitru septa system provide anyone in the milk transportation and logistics chain to quickly, easily and accurately measure milk temperatures and log that data automatically into any electronic form, file or quality system without an IT engineer or system updates. Lose the clipboard! Stop manually typing data into a computer! Increase your quality and productivity with this simple device.

Throw away your clipboards! Load temperature data into any software with one Touch Entry!

ThermometerLink 2.0 Touch Entry enables direct entry of temperature readings from a thermometer into any software by touching one button. No more clipboards and handwritten data. No retyping data. No software modifications, and no need for IT to reprogram proprietary systems. Put temperature readings directly into form fields, documents, spreadsheets, and any quality management software without changing installed hardware or software. Preserve all your existing investment in software and training; reduce the operator load and; improve accuracy the same day you deploy the TEGAM 931B or 932B thermometer. Sound too good to be true? Call or write to schedule a demonstration at your earliest opportunity.

“I certainly think this is a must for anyone out here in the field doing milk sampling. In my opinion it is all about the data. The more tools you have to help collect as much data as possible at one time saves on future trips and/or extra trips to sample.”
Randy Allwardt, Prenger’s Inc.