Quality Management, Inc. (QMI) is now QualiTru Sampling Systems

QualiTru Sampling Systems is the trusted partner for accurate, aseptic inline, or silo/truck fluid sampling for over 3 decades in over 28 countries. In 1983, after ten years with Ecolab, Darrell Bigalke, our founder, seized the opportunity to carry the QualiTru technology to support his dairy food safety consulting business. The aseptic sampling equipment proved its value, and the company has developed from a two-person operation to a growing niche business. Today, the same entrepreneurial spirit continues with the family business.

QualiTru supports a wide variety of industries that produce safe and quality products. QualiTru sampling systems are used in:

Applications include product quality verification across the supply chain, inline aseptic process verification; bulk tank and silo quality checks; and aseptic sampling for microbiological testing. We also offer unique sampling applications from mastitis management on farms to side-truck sampling for safe, antibiotic testing. Quality Assurance Managers and farms can confidently use the four-part aseptic system to help obtain an inline representative or silo sample.

QualiTru is driven to meet industry sampling needs while providing a family-friendly working environment. We do this by partnering with other subject matter experts (SME) and distribution partners to deliver the best sampling expertise to the dairy and other liquid industries.

Our History

1973: The Klenzade division of Ecolab sold the “Tru-Test” sampler that Ned Galloway had developed.

1981: Darrell Bigalke took over the sale of the Aseptic Sampler from Capsule Labs (Ecolab).

1983: Capsule Labs was dissolved. Ned Galloway and Darrell signed a royalty contract and QMI was incorporated.

1988: QMI started promoting the Safe-Septum to the Biotech industry.

1993: Biotest started assembling & sterilizing QMI Ports.

1997: QMI & Safe-Septum were trademarked.

2003:  The inline sampler received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) & National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS) approval.

2003: Aseptic sampling of vertical and horizontal milk tanks received the FDA & NCIMS approval.

2005: The Continuous Flow Sampler & Method was patented.

2007: The Method of Fluid Sampling, “Tamper Evident Device” was patented.

2007: QMI Manufactured Sampling Bags.

2008: The QMI Aseptic Sampler received FDA and NCIMS approval for inclusion to the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) version 2007.

2011:  Aseptic sampling of farm bulk & silo tanks received FDA and NCIMS approval.

2016: QMI became  QualiTru Sampling Systems.

2016-17: The TruDraw Single Sampler was introduced.

Developing new products that answer the varied needs of today’s liquid product producers is our goal. We look forward to serving you for decades to come. Visit and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Over three decades of countless accurate samples

Since 1983 liquid, food and pharmaceutical manufacturers have counted on our patented aseptic sampling system to ensure they produce safe products. Our cost-effective, easy-to-use line of aseptic sampling equipment provides a wide variety of industries the assurance that their microbial testing is based on accurate sampling. QualiTru industry leading products include:
  • QualiTru Sanitary Ports
  • QualiTru Sterile Septa
  • QualiTru Sterile Collection Units
  • Other Consumables

QualiTru Regulatory Approvals

Complete Descriptions of Regulatory Approvals