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Navigate the Path from Sampling Challenges to Sampling Solutions with Qualitru’s Insightful Infographic!

Navigate the complexities of sampling challenges and discover innovative solutions that redefine sampling practices with our comprehensive infographic that sheds light on the intricate landscape of sampling hurdles and offers practical strategies to overcome them.

Key Insights of the Sampling Challenges to Sampling Solutions Infographic:

  • Sampling Size: Aseptic grab sample or representative sample
  • Where to Sample: Beginning, middle or end of your process
  • Type of Sampling: Quality control or process control

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Aseptic and representative sampling for dairy plants is crucial for accurate test data. However, there are limited applications where representative sampling may not be practical, and a grab sample is taken instead. Read our blog post explaining sample size, representative or grab sampling, for more information.

Sampling Challenges to Sampling Solutions Infographic - QualiTru

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