Accurate tank sampling made simple.

Needle-Only Method 1The QualiTru systems make getting an aseptic milk sample simple and affordable with the Needle-Only Method. Our Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved equipment comes pre-sterilized and individually packaged, eliminating the need to wash and the risk of cross contamination.

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Needle-Only Method Sampling-21. Agitate tank for 10 minutes.

Needle-Only Method Sampling-32. Use sterile needle and unopened alcohol swab.

Needle-Only Method Sampling-43. At desired sampling time, wash hands thoroughly. Sanitize the QualiTru® sampler’s outer surface with proper strength sanitizing solution or an alcohol swab.

Needle-Only Method Sampling-54. Aseptically remove sterile needle by breaking the seal on needle case and pulling needle out, holding it with an alcohol swab.

Needle-Only Method Sampling-65. Insert needle through one of the seven unused sampling guide holes in the QualiTru® sampler (look for a dimple in cover on the sampler). Slant the needle slightly toward the center of the sampler.

Needle-Only Method Sampling-76. Fill sample container to line with milk (without touching container to needle).

7. Immediately place sample container in ice.

8. Remove needle from the QualiTru® sampler.

9. Dispose of all single use items in a Sharps container.