QualiTru Simple Syringe Method

The syringe method allows for easy aseptic access for both sampling and a sterile port for injecting ingredients as desired. To learn more or to order please call 651-501-2337 or email us at [email protected].

Tank Door Aseptic Port

Syringe Method - tank-door-sampling-1 1. At desired time of sampling or injection, remove dust cover.

Syringe Method - tank-door-sampling-2 2. Sanitize the outer surface of the sampler with a proper strength sanitizing solution.

Syringe Method - sampling-procedure-3 3. Aseptically place needle onto sterile syringe. Insert needle through QualiTru Aseptic Port and into tank or other vessel to inject cultures, nutrients or other liquids as desired. Withdraw needle and dispose of properly.