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QualiTru Sampling Systems

The simple, dependable system for the most accurate liquid sampling.

Don’t let contamination hurt your business. The QualiTru aseptic fluid access systems are easy to install, easy to use and easily the most reliable sampling technique available. QualiTru systems are in daily use in over 30 countries worldwide.

Designed for process monitoring of microbial contamination and line and tank sampling for a wide variety of industries, including dairy, pharmaceutical, brewing, water filtration, wineries, juice and egg producers, QualiTru provides the cost-effective solution for quality assurance.

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QualiTru Global – World Leaders in Aseptic Sampling
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What our clients are saying:
"Throughout the nine months of testing with the QualiTru System, we found it to be extremely accurate, helpful and easy to use. To be able to have this equipment on farms, especially the larger ones, is a great improvement to our current procedures for picking up milk. I see where this process would be a great time saver for us as haulers and benefit the producer with the accuracy of the samples. I’m very glad to hear it has been approved for use and look forward to it being implemented. Thank you for allowing us to participate in a project that will definitely help move our industry forward."
- Barney McConnell
Al-Nye Trucking