About QualiTru™ Sampling Systems

QMI is now QualiTru Sampling Systems

For over three decades, QMI has been the most trusted brand for aseptic sampling. Today’s sampling needs are even more vital to product quality, safety and regulatory compliance. To better reflect both our commitment to reliable sampling technology and our ongoing sampling technology advances, QMI has been renamed QualiTru Sampling Systems. Helping you easily and accurately sample your liquid products remains our mission and developing new products that answer the varied needs of today’s liquid product producers is our goal. We look forward to serving you for decades to come.

Our History 

1973: The Klenzade division of Ecolab sold the “Tru-Test” sampler that Ned Galloway developed

1981: Darrell took over the sale of the Aseptic Sampler from Capsule Labs (Ecolab)

1983: Capsule Labs was dissolved. Ned Galloway and Darrell signed a royalty contract and Quality Management Inc (QMI) was incorporated

1988: QMI started promoting the Safe-Septum to the Biotech industry

1993: Biotest starts Assembling & Sterilizing QMI Ports

1997: QMI & Safe-Septum trademarked

2003: FDA & NCIMS approval for inline sampler

2003: FDA & NCIMS approval for Aseptic Sampling of Vertical and Horizontal Milk Tanks

2005: Continuous Flow Sampler & Method Patent

2007: Method of Fluid Sampling Patent “Tamper Evident Device”

2007: QMI Manufactures Sampling Bags

2008: FDA & NCIMS approval of QMI Aseptic Sampler for inclusion to the PMO version 2007

2011: FDA & NCIMS approval of Aseptic Sampling of farm bulk & silo tanks

2016: Quality Management Inc. (QMI) becomes QualiTru Sampling Systems

2016-17: Introduction of new TruDraw Single Sampler

Over three decades and countless accurate samples.

Since 1983 liquid, food and pharmaceutical manufacturers have counted on our patented aseptic sampling system to ensure they produce safe products. Our cost-effective, easy-to-use line of aseptic sampling equipment provides a wide variety of industries the assurance their microbial testing is based on accurate sampling.

QualiTru industry leading products include:

  • QualiTru Sanitary Ports
  • QualiTru Sterile Septa
  • QualiTru Sterile Collection Units
  • Other Consumables

About QualiTru Regulatory Approvals

  • FDA Compliant
  • PMO Methods Published
  • NCIMS Approved
  • 3-A Sanitary Standards Authorized

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