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QualiTru newsletters provide valuable information on process monitoring and other aseptic fluid applications. All newsletters are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Spring 2015

  • QualiTru Tamper-Evident Device
  • QualiTru Introduces New Part Numbering System
  • A Safer More Accurate Method to Sample Milk Tanker Trucks
  • Exhibiting Schedule for 2015

Spring 2014

  • Milk Tanker Truck Claim Costs
  • Conflow Direct Load System
  • Exhibition Schedule
Fall 2014

  • Milk Tanker Sampling and The Hidden Cost to the Dairy Processing Industry
  • Easy Method of Monitoring Heat-Resistant Psychrotrophic Bacteria in Fluid Milk
  • CASE HISTORY – Improved Shelf Life in Fluid Milk

Spring 2013

  • Biotech Industry Utilizes The QualiTru System
  • Microbiological Testing of Treated Water in the Brewing Industry
  • QualiTru’s Quality Standards
Fall 2013

  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Summary
  • Milk Truck Sampling Method
  • QualiTru’s Quality Program

Spring 2012

  • FDA and NCIMS Approve Method of Farm Bulk Tank and/or Silo Sampling
  • Heat Resistant Psychotrophs
  • QualiTru Manufacturing Standards
  • News and Announcements
Fall 2012

  • Supplying The Dairy Industry With The Highest Quality Sampling System
  • Consequences Of Inaccurate Sampling Of Raw Milk
  • QualiTru Finds Growing Success In Biotech Market
  • The History Of QualiTru

Spring 2011

  • NCIMS Approves The QualiTru Composite Bag Sampling System for Farm Bulk Tank and Silo Sampling
  • Growth of Dairy Products Spoilage Bacteria Comparison
  • Upcoming Trade Show Events
  • QualiTru Launches New Website
Fall 2011

  • Farm Bulk Tank Aseptic Alternative Sampling Gains NCIMS Approval
  • Effective Cleaning & Sanitizing of Raw Milk Handling Equipment
  • Dairy Practices Council Meeting: Tom Angstadt Gives Presentation on A More Effective Method of Bulk Tank Sampling

Spring 2010

  • Successful Field Trial of the QualiTru Direct Load Sampling System w Peristaltic Pump
  • Heat Resistant Psychrotroph Test Research
  • Tanker Truck Fitting
Fall 2010

  • QualiTru Global Distribution of Products
  • Dairy Practices Council Annual Conference
  • Milk Tanker Sampling with the QualiTru Sampler
  • Tamper Evident Device (TED)

Spring 2009

  • Direct Load Sampling
  • Controlling Intentional Contamination
Fall 2009

  • Northwest Dairy Assoc Research – Over The Road Tanker Truck Sampling
  • Case Histories

Spring 2008

  • QualiTru Composite Farm Sampling System
  • Microbial Spoilage in Market Milk
Fall 2008

  • Good News for Fluid Milk Quality Control Managers
  • QualiTru Heat Resistant Psychrotroph Test
  • QualiTru Safe-Septum
  • QualiTru Tamper Evident Device

Spring 2007

  • QualiTru Method of Sampling Tanker Trucks
  • Sampling a Truckload of Stratified Raw Milk
Fall 2007

  • Press Release – QualiTru Aseptic Sampling Method Approved for Use by Milk Haulers and Dairy Plants
  • QualiTru Dairy Stress Test for Line Sampling

Spring 2006

  • Syringe Sampling of Tanker Trucks
  • Heat Resistant Psychrotropic Bacteria

Spring 2005

  • Accurate Sampling of Raw Milk
  • Heat Resistant Psychrotrophs
  • Profile of Dr. Frank Busta
Fall 2005

  • FDA and NCIMS Approve the QualiTru Aseptic Sampler for Direct Load Sampling
  • Market Milk Quality
  • FDA and NCIMS Approves A Modified Method of Dairy Farm Silo Sampling

Summer 2004

  • QualiTru Probe-Septum
  • Factors to Consider for Improving the Quality of Market Milk
  • Company Profile of Biotest Laboratories

Summer 2003

  • QualiTru Introduces Prototype Tamper-Resistance Device
  • Effective Methods of Post Pasteurization Contamination Monitoring
  • University of Minnesota Biotechnology Resource Center

Summer 2002

  • Today’s Dairy Farmers Require Accurate Milk Sampling for Maximum Profits
  • QualiTru Aseptic Sampling System
  • QualiTru Safe-Septum