QualiTru Sampling Systems® Marks 40th Anniversary Milestone

– Aseptic Inline Sampling Pioneer Celebrates Industry-Changing Accomplishments While Anticipating Even Greater Needs for Comprehensive Food Quality, Safety Monitoring and Sampling –

OAKDALE, Minn., April 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/— QualiTru Sampling Systems (formerly known as QMI), leaders in the science of aseptic and representative sampling equipment for the food and dairy industries, is commemorating its 40th year of innovations that have helped the dairy and liquid food industries produce safe, high-quality products over the decades.

The company, originally known as QMI, was established in 1983 by Darrell Bigalke, a dairy microbiologist and entrepreneur.  Bigalke, who had previously managed the dairy microbiology lab at Ecolab, acquired the manufacturing rights to a sterile sampling septum that complemented and augmented his dairy food safety consulting business.  Drawing on his extensive knowledge of the dynamics of microbial contamination, he focused his new company on the singular mission of promoting the unique practice of inline aseptic sampling for the dairy industry.

In 1985, when serious outbreaks of dairy-related foodborne illnesses caused by Salmonella and Listeria sickened thousands of people in the U.S., Bigalke played a central role in helping shape the establishment and adoption of the new sampling standards in the dairy industry. Bigalke, the dairy industry, and key regulatory bodies all shared the same goal: to initiate process monitoring measures to reduce the chances of future foodborne illness outbreaks in the dairy industry.

QMI, which began as a modest two-person operation in a suburb outside Minneapolis, has transformed into QualiTru Sampling Systems Inc., a respected global leader in the science of aseptic and representative sampling for dairy and other liquid foods. QualiTru’s pioneering products, including TruStream Sanitary Ports, TruStream Septa, and TruStream Collection Bags, are used to verify product quality and perform inline aseptic sampling in bulk tanks and silos located on commercial dairies, on milk hauling trucks, and in dairy and liquid food processing plants in over 30 countries worldwide. The use of QualiTru’s patented technology also is directly referenced in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (Section 6) as approved for the required collection of representative samples directly from farm bulk milk tanks or silos prior to the milk being transported for processing.

A History of Pioneering Accomplishments

“When Darrell started this company four decades ago, he championed what are now common industry practices of using aseptic inline sampling on dairy farms, milk hauling trucks and in dairy processing plants. The result of his efforts elevated both the quality of these products as well as consumer safety to even higher standards than had been experienced at the time,” said Ian Davis, QualiTru’s CEO.

“Today, in light of continued outbreaks of dairy-related Listeria and Salmonella, as well as serious contamination issues such as the recent infant formula crisis, we see that the need for rigorous inline process sampling and testing for the liquid food and dairy industries remains as critical as ever,” Davis continued. “We are honored to continue delivering upon Darrell’s vision and commitment to food quality and public safety, and extending the company’s impact by launching additional new technologies, such as our TruStream7 Adjustable Tanker Port with Security Lid and TruDraw® Sterile and Non-Sterile Single Samplers, for the industries we serve,” he concluded.

Over the years, Bigalke and QualiTru have received numerous patents for their proprietary technologies. The company also has earned annual 3-A Certification from 3-A SSI continuously since 1995 for achieving the highest industry standard levels for integrity and hygiene in processing equipment and systems. QualiTru also has received its certification to ISO 9001:2015 standards related to aseptic sampling products, systems, and services for the liquid food industry.

QualiTru executives and subject matter experts author articles and whitepapers, contribute to consensus documents that have become part of the industry’s standard-setting practices, and deliver technical presentations to professional and industry groups across the globe.

In March 2023, QualiTru’s founder was honored with the Darrell Bigalke Food Safety & Food Quality Award, an annual dairy science scholarship intended to help the next generation of students from the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine or College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences further pursue key issues in dairy science and food quality and safety.

When asked to reflect on the company’s 40th anniversary, Bigalke said, “As we celebrate our 40th anniversary milestone, I am extremely proud of QualiTru’s positive influence on food safety and quality. We are deeply appreciative of the regulatory and customer support we have had over the past four decades. I know QualiTru will continue to innovate and expand and feel confident that we are well positioned to continue to positively impact the industries we serve.”

In June 2023, the company will be hosting an invitation-only 40th anniversary celebratory open house at its facilities in Oakdale, Minnesota for its employees, their families, friends, suppliers and industry colleagues.

“We look forward to celebrating all that Darrell and everyone associated with QualiTru have accomplished over our first four decades, and to continuing our progress in the years ahead,” Davis said.

About QualiTru Sampling Systems

Since 1983, QualiTru has been the pioneering leader in the science of aseptic and representative sampling. Known for its expertise and commitment to building awareness of aseptic sampling as a critical means of ensuring consumer health and food safety, QualiTru’s innovative sampling technologies are used to help the dairy and liquid food industries produce safe, high-quality products in over 30 countries worldwide. www.qualitru.com.

40th Anniversary Press Release