Beverages and Other Liquids

QualiTru is the reliable aseptic access solution for the beverage and liquid products industry leaders

The QualiTru system is used worldwide in many different industry sectors. Our cost-effective, easy-to-use line of aseptic sampling equipment provides a wide variety of industries the assurance that their microbial testing is based on accurate sampling. The QualiTru 12-port system can also be used for adding ingredients. The QualiTru Probe Septum provides access for temperature probes to ensure all processing parameters are reached.

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The QualiTru System is easily installed and its low profile design and positive sealing of surfaces makes in-place cleaning simple. Available in both 7 and 12 port configurations, the single-track needle channels reduce the risk of cross-contamination due to multiple samples from a single channel .  Aseptic ports come sterilized by ethylene oxide.  They are heat stable up to 280ºF and pressure stable to 150psi. 

QualiTru products include:

  • Stainless elbows, tri-clamp end caps and weld-in fittings
  • Sterile composite sampling bags
  • QualiTru Aseptic Septums
  • Other consumables

Examples of QualiTru usage in the beverage and liquid processing industry:

  • Processing plants for beverages and other liquid products –Monitoring of water quality
  • Water filtration plants – Reverse osmosis ultra-filtration applications
  • Egg processors – Monitoring for bacteria/pathogens. Sampling from storage tanks and pasteurizers.
  • Juice – Line sampling to identify yeast and mold contamination. Post pasteurization contamination monitoring.
  • Breweries –Line sampling for wild yeast and spoilage bacteria. Yeast culture management.
  • Wineries – Monitoring for product and yeast cultures.

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