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The Value of Aseptic Sampling on the Farm

By Brett Roeller  /  January 15, 2020
The farmer wakes up at 4:30am, gets dressed, grabs a cup of coffee and heads out to the milking barn....
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Growing Up Under a Microscope

By Anne Bigalke  /  January 9, 2020
Photo credit: www.consumerreports.org/issue/food-safety Starting the new year, I could write about plans or best intentions. Instead, I decided to reflect...
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The Brutal Costs of a Food Recall

By Brett Roeller  /  January 6, 2020
If you go online and Google, "cost of a food recall," you get a canned response of, "The average cost...
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Suicide Prevention in the Dairy Industry

By Brett Roeller  /  December 30, 2019
I travel quite a bit as Director of National Sales for Qualitru. My trips are usually planned weeks in advance...
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Happy Cows Make Happy Milk

By Brett Roeller  /  December 20, 2019
I recently was scrolling through my social media feed and came across a picture of the cow with a set...
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God Jul & Godt Nyttår

By Anne Bigalke  /  December 18, 2019
As this busy year ends, my shoulders can finally start to relax. It's a very natural time to reflect on...
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Can Small Farm Values Survive?

By Brett Roeller  /  December 16, 2019
I am always astonished by the strength and purity of small dairy farm family values: work hard, family is the...
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What Killed Dean Foods?

By Brett Roeller  /  December 11, 2019
Deans Foods filed for bankruptcy last month and blamed the downturn of fluid milk as the reason. I find this...
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Give Dairy Sustainability the Recognition it Deserves

By Anne Bigalke  /  December 9, 2019
Photo credit: https://thesustainabilist.ae/sustainability-from-cow-to-cup/ Early in my career, I was told to never bring up politics or religion. It is easy...
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One YouTube Video Away from Closing

By Brett Roeller  /  December 4, 2019
I am a dog person. I once had two pugs named Smith and Wesson, whom I was closer to than some...
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Are You Asking the Right Questions?

By Anne Bigalke  /  December 2, 2019
In work and in personal life, it is important to surround yourself with people who ask engaging or opposing questions....
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Skim vs Whole Milk

By Brett Roeller  /  November 27, 2019
In 2010 the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act lowered the fat content for school lunches and mandated all milk to be...
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Sampling Support for Exporting Dairies in Northern Europe

By Anne Bigalke  /  November 26, 2019
QualiTru is proud to partner with S.K.S. in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to support the international dairy industry. S.K.S....
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All Calcium is not created Equal

By Brett Roeller  /  November 25, 2019
Did your mother constantly tell you, 'Drink your milk; it has lots of calcium.' Mine sure did. Calcium is such an...
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How Can My Cheese Taste the Same Everywhere?

By Anne Bigalke  /  November 22, 2019
Heading back to the U.S. for our fall Board Meeting, the first thing I do when I land is head...
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Does Progressive Equal Proactive? A Synergistic Approach by the Producer and Plant

By Anne Bigalke  /  November 20, 2019
If you work in the dairy industry, you understand that it is filled with some of the hardest working and...
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Track and Trace at the Speed of Thought

By Brett Roeller  /  November 18, 2019
Frank Yiannis, Deputy Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shared this story at the International Association of Food...
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Fairlife vs. Industry Perception Part II

By Brett Roeller  /  November 14, 2019
Four months ago, if you would have asked the plant manager of the FAIRLIFE Michigan plant what they would be...
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The Secret Sauce to Strong Partnerships

By Anne Bigalke  /  November 11, 2019
In personal and professional life, picking the right long-term partner is no easy task. On the personal side, before marrying...
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Dynamic Dairy

By Anne Bigalke  /  October 28, 2019
One of the best parts of working in the dairy industry is sampling cheese, ice cream, milk and my favorite,...
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Almond ‘Milk’

By Brett Roeller  /  October 22, 2019
The farmer wakes up early and walks out to the almond barn to shovel fertilizer around the base of each...
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Industry Repercussions after Fair Oaks

By Brett Roeller  /  October 16, 2019
Many of us have seen or heard of the recent Fair Oaks undercover videos showing disturbing animal abuse at a...
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A Case for On-Farm Microbiological Testing

By Brett Roeller  /  October 11, 2019
Mastitis caused by infections in dairy cows contributes to an overall loss of $550 million dollars annually, according to the...
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Australian Droughts and the Impact on the Dairy Industry

By Anne Bigalke  /  October 8, 2019
Photo credit: https://www.fginsight.com/news/news/global-ag-view-australian-retailers-push-up-milk-prices-in-drought-struggle-82689 Across different regions we often see farmers and Quality departments squeezed first during difficult times. This is...
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Dairy vs Almond Drink for Child Development

By Brett Roeller  /  September 27, 2019
We live in a new world where whoever can pay the most for advertising can directly influence public opinion. Sometimes this...
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Financial Effects of Inaccurate Sampling

By Brett Roeller  /  September 16, 2019
Dairies are closing at a rate of eight to fourteen percent per year and have been for the last four...
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Building Translatable Trust & Understanding

By Anne Bigalke  /  September 12, 2019
Everyone has experienced communication challenges from traveling, watching an international film or trying to talk with a young child. Very...
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The New Speed of a Recall

By Brett Roeller  /  September 9, 2019
Food safety in the United States has improved dramatically over the last 40 years. Leaps in the last 12 years...
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Organic Milk: Making the Choice Based on Facts

By Brett Roeller  /  September 5, 2019
Organic milk demand is gaining momentum. Images of cows basking in the sunshine, grazing on fresh grass in open pastures...
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Clean Accessible Water, the First Step of Quality Milk

By Brett Roeller  /  August 30, 2019
Who knew so much came down to clean water for quality milk? The Internet is riddled with tips and tricks...
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The Heartache of Pouring Milk Down the Drain

By Brett Roeller  /  August 26, 2019
I opened the refrigerator and pulled the gallon of milk out eagerly anticipating the first sip of goodness. After breaking...
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New Location, New Partners, Same Love for Dairy

By Anne Bigalke  /  August 22, 2019
This summer has brought many personal and professional changes. Following a curiosity to develop the international arm of our business,...
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What Is a True Quality Culture?

By Brett Roeller  /  August 19, 2019
Any given company can head to the Internet and read a plethora of articles about how to create a food...
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Proper Milking Procedures Could Save Lives

By Brett Roeller  /  August 15, 2019
Farmers dedicate significant time to keeping cows dry, udders healthy, and teats clean. On the surface, pre and post dips...
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A Proven Solution to Reduce Mastitis and Increase Profits

By Brett Roeller  /  August 12, 2019
According to the USDA mastitis accounts for $400-$500 million, or $23 per cow, in lost production and revenue for dairy...
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Welcome to the QualiTru Sampling Systems Blog!

By Kelly Wagner  /  August 6, 2019
Welcome to the QualiTru Sampling Systems Blog! Check back often for interesting new articles posted on a regular basis from...
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