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The Secret Sauce to Strong Partnerships

By Anne Bigalke  /  November 11, 2019
In personal and professional life, picking the right long-term partner is no easy task. On the personal side, before marrying...
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Dynamic Dairy

By Anne Bigalke  /  October 28, 2019
One of the best parts of working in the dairy industry is sampling cheese, ice cream, milk and my favorite,...
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Almond ‘Milk’

By Brett Roeller  /  October 22, 2019
The farmer wakes up early and walks out to the almond barn to shovel fertilizer around the base of each...
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Industry Repercussions after Fair Oaks

By Brett Roeller  /  October 16, 2019
Many of us have seen or heard of the recent Fair Oaks undercover videos showing disturbing animal abuse at a...
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A Case for On-Farm Microbiological Testing

By Brett Roeller  /  October 11, 2019
Mastitis caused by infections in dairy cows contributes to an overall loss of $550 million dollars annually, according to the...
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Australian Droughts and the Impact on the Dairy Industry

By Anne Bigalke  /  October 8, 2019
Across different regions we often see farmers and Quality departments squeezed first during difficult times. This is the case in...
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Dairy vs Almond Drink for Child Development

By Brett Roeller  /  September 27, 2019
We live in a new world where whoever can pay the most for advertising can directly influence public opinion. Sometimes this...
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Financial Effects of Inaccurate Sampling

By Brett Roeller  /  September 16, 2019
Dairies are closing at a rate of eight to fourteen percent per year and have been for the last four...
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Building Translatable Trust & Understanding

By Anne Bigalke  /  September 12, 2019
Everyone has experienced communication challenges from traveling, watching an international film or trying to talk with a young child. Very...
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The New Speed of a Recall

By Brett Roeller  /  September 9, 2019
Food safety in the United States has improved dramatically over the last 40 years. Leaps in the last 12 years...
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Organic Milk: Making the Choice Based on Facts

By Brett Roeller  /  September 5, 2019
Organic milk demand is gaining momentum. Images of cows basking in the sunshine, grazing on fresh grass in open pastures...
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Clean Accessible Water, the First Step of Quality Milk

By Brett Roeller  /  August 30, 2019
Who knew so much came down to clean water for quality milk? The Internet is riddled with tips and tricks...
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The Heartache of Pouring Milk Down the Drain

By Brett Roeller  /  August 26, 2019
I opened the refrigerator and pulled the gallon of milk out eagerly anticipating the first sip of goodness. After breaking...
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New Location, New Partners, Same Love for Dairy

By Anne Bigalke  /  August 22, 2019
This summer has brought many personal and professional changes. Following a curiosity to develop the international arm of our business,...
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What Is a True Quality Culture?

By Brett Roeller  /  August 19, 2019
Any given company can head to the Internet and read a plethora of articles about how to create a food...
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Proper Milking Procedures Could Save Lives

By Brett Roeller  /  August 15, 2019
Farmers dedicate significant time to keeping cows dry, udders healthy, and teats clean. On the surface, pre and post dips...
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A Proven Solution to Reduce Mastitis and Increase Profits

By Brett Roeller  /  August 12, 2019
According to the USDA mastitis accounts for $400-$500 million, or $23 per cow, in lost production and revenue for dairy...
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Welcome to the QualiTru Sampling Systems Blog!

By Kelly Wagner  /  August 6, 2019
Welcome to the QualiTru Sampling Systems Blog! Check back often for interesting new articles posted on a regular basis from...
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